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Despite being popular for its careful nature, Australian Bass fall into the trap and draws vigourously. Besides cicadas, worms and crickets, fishermen usually deploy prawns and freshwater yabbies as bait.  Some saltwater baitfish flies can, likewise, serve well as a jig. Some angling experts resort to techniques including deep diving or floating minnows to increase their chances of success. Various other surface fishing lures and soft plastic fishing baits also come in handy in tempting Bass.

Surface baits including fizzers prove to be effective at dawn and dusk.  On the other hand, spinner baits are perfect for angling during afternoons. Find more tips about catching different kinds of fish at recfishing2012, one of the biggest assortment of angling tips on the web. Here the core objective is to empower fishing enthusiasts to hone their fishing skills by expanding their knowledge.

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