Fish oil

Fish oil and its Benefits on Skin

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For long it has been postulated by doctors and dieticians that fish oil is good for the body. It has been recommended since ages that eating fatty fish like salmon, trout, sardines and tuna that are low in mercury leads to a healthy heart, strong hair and a rejuvenated skin. […]

Using Fish Oil

Facts and Myths about Using Fish Oil

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The normal human diet contains a wide variety of fatty acids. These are present in the diet in form of fats and oils that are consumed either separately as butter or cooking oil or are naturally present in many foods, particularly nuts, dairy products and fish. However, most of us […]

fishing laws

Importance of International Fishing Laws

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A number of the world’s fisheries are witnessing a downswing. This has prompted the formation of both national and global preservation laws to secure them and the biological systems they occupy, guaranteeing that they will be around for eras to come. Fish are not just scrumptious to eat, they’re likewise […]

fish farming business

Starting a Fish Farming Business

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Starting a fish farming business is a highly profitable venture but like any business, only so if you get things right from the first step. Proper planning is required, more so because it is live species that you will be dealing with and any wrong move can spell doom even […]

Eco Friendly Fishing

Opt for Eco-Friendly Fishing methods for Less Impact on Environment

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In the present day, the slogan “go green” is becoming increasingly relevant, especially in the context of swiftly dwindling natural resources and deteriorating environment. That growing relevance has driven the term eco-friendly to become a significant component of every commercial enterprise across the globe, including the fishing industry. For quite […]

Fish farming

Maintaining a Fish Farming Business

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Starting a fish farming business is a complex procedure with various inputs such as finance, ponds, trained manpower and a generous amount of luck. But what is more complicated is maintaining it well so that it generates what you have always wanted – profits from your business. To meet this […]

bass fishing

Useful Tips for Australian Bass Fishing

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Australian Bass is considered by fishing enthusiasts to be a prize catch that can offer resistance beyond expectations when snared on light angling gear. Despite the fact that a little fish that weighs not more than a couple of kilograms, the Australian Bass possesses astonishing strength. Australian Bass are dominatingly […]